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SEO-Tips is an Internet marketing service helping people get their websites seen by Google. By implementing proven techniques and reliable SEO strategies for the Google search engine, you can increase the organic search results for your website.

In the good old days of running a small shop or business, all you had to do was put a small ad in the local newspaper to attract new customers. Today you’d be lucky to find a newspaper. Now everything is online. 91% of us use the internet to search for the information above all other internet related tasks. (Yes, that includes email, Facebook, and Candy Crush.)

Whether you’re a baker trying to sell your pies or an owner of a small restaurant. Rather than just focusing on your business, you now need to know how to create and market your website to.

You may hire someone to create a website for you, or use a cookie cutter template that you have purchased. However, just having a web presence does not grantee that your customers will see your site. You need to ensure that your site can be found by the right people at the right time.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization can help.

By implementing some Internet marketing and SEO strategies for Google, you can increase the organic search results for your website. Organic results are when search results are from the Google indexes, not from word-ads.

Your goal is to get into the Golden Triangle.

People often avoid clicking on the word-ad links as they tend to be less reliable than the organically earned listings. Anyone can create a word-ad, but only Google can reward sites that have great content with good ranking. SEO helps to ensure that Google is fully aware that your content meets a  given search.

Whether you’re a local barbershop, a new business selling a new type of widget. Or trying to build a national brand as a new chain of hotels, you need to make SEO is part of your Internet marketing plan.

History and the Future

For the last 25 years, I have been helping people create and establish a web presence and working with some fortune 500 companies in the web development field, including graphics and multimedia. I’ve also provided network support for both hardware and software.

I have extensive experience with plain HTML and CSS, to Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla. I’ve been able to help Doctors, Artists, Government Electors, Real-estate Agents, Land Developers, Small Businesses, and many, many Entreprenerds with the creation of website. From simple sites for a web presence. To full multimedia and e-commerce sites.

Each time I’d create a website, I was always asked: “How long will it take my website to be seen by Google, how can I get to the first page of a search?”.  My answer would always be the same. “It depends.”

Google has never released the ranking algorithm for its search engine, but we know what they look for in a website and understand how we can optimize websites for Google.

Here are some things that Google likes to see: HTTPS:// vs. HTTP://, other sites that like back to your website, a website designed/ready for mobile computing, websites that are always growing in content. They also like relevant easy to read cont and topics and keyword use, Image that load quickly and have appropriate <ALT> text. It’s also essential to maintain the speed of your website and graphic.

Available Service

Congratulation! You’re now an entrepreneur. You have a great idea to make money online and have finished creating a website. But now you don’t know if you are getting any traffic to your site because you’re not getting any sales.  Or Google has you listed on page 9 on the search results page.

At this point, most people start paying for word advertisements on Google and Facebook to drive people to their website. This can be both expensive and ineffective, especially when you’re paying $2.00 a click and not seeing any return. You may be asking, “Are my keywords OK?”, “Are my pages working?”, “How do I get more traffic for free?”.

A better option would be to implement Search Engine Optimization techniques to improve the ranking of your site on Google. You can place your site-listing above your competition on organic searches, without the added expense of advertising. It  may take 4 to 6 months to see the full effects of your efforts,  but many SEO changes can be seen in just a few weeks.

Once said by John Wanamaker, “I fully believe half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” (July 1839 – December 1922) 

By implementing some best practices that will ensure you get the most traffic that you can.  I can help by installing, and then using Google Analytics, and the Google Search Console to create an SEO plan for your site. 

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