SEO needs to be part of your Marketing Plan

With Search Engin Optimization it can take some time to get high rankings for your website. However, there are two things that you can do that can to help.  Make On-site Optimization and Off-site Optimization part of your SEO plan.

On-site optimization

Keywords are used to let search engines know what your website, or document, is all about.  When users to search the internet for information, they enter keywords. These keywords are used to create indexes of webpages for search engines. Search engines use them to display the most relevant information they can find, based on your keyword. To stay current, review your keywords often to ensure you are getting the traffic you want.

Off-site Optimization

Back-links, or links that point back to your website, can also help with your ranking. Search engines like to show relevant webpages. A good referral can be a link from another related document or a simple reference from a community website, or Blog.

This Video from YouTube will help explain:

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