Google Benchmarking

When it comes to Google Benchmarking, I take a look at how your webpage is performing before any modification takes place. This way, we know what areas need to be work on, and for you to get a sense of what is driving your customers to your website. Using both Google Analytics and Google Search Consol, I can find the how’s and why’s you are getting and losing customers. Recommendations are then made to help improve your site’s ranking based on the reports.

There are many tools available that can be used to analyze your website; however, many people don’t have the time to do the analysis. That’s where I come in. I have the knowledge and the experience to help even the novice user. I have examined the number of hours it will take to complete the benchmarking reports in advanced, and have set the price as a package so you know how much it will cost up front.

When setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the first time, it takes seven days to acquire substantial information for any reports to be compiled. Once you receive the codes that I send, you just paste them into your webpage, so data can start to be collected. (I can do this for you if needed)

I will send the custom reports as shown below, once complete. I will also send you the login information for both apps so that you can keep an eye of your SEO progress. I will also examine one of your local competitor’s website to including my personal suggestions to ensure that your site is competitive.

If you have any questions or want to get started with Google Benchmarking for your SEO, please contact me here.

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  • How do you acquire users? – Direct vs. Organic Searches (Report)
  • Where are your users? – Country, State/Province, City (Report)
  • What are your users’ top devices? – Mobile vs. desktop and OS (Report)
  • What pages do your users visit? – including bounce rate (Report)
  • New vs. Returning Customers (Report)
  • Page Load Speeds for Desktop and Mobile (Report) – Improvement suggestions by Google
Google Searcgf Console Logo
  • Content relativity check
  • Backlink check/review
  • XML Sitemap Review and Testing
  • Referral suggestions
  • Mobile readiness
  • Bootstrap testing
  • AMP Testing

Sample Reports

Acquisition Overview
Audience Overview
Audience Snapshot
Demographics Overview
Interests Overview
New vs Returning
View Overview
View Pages
Site Speed Overview