Google My Business

Setup Google My Business

In short, Google My Business (GMB), is a way for small businesses to control the information that Google displays about your business. Google My Business, formerly Google Local Places, is a way for businesses, large or small, to manage their presence across Google products including Maps, and Google’s search results themselves.

When you create a Google My Business profile, you tell Google about your business in order to be listed in their business directory. It can also create a Google Map entry for your business. You can add information like your website(if available), a description, and photos for your business. You can share information about your business such as your business’ hours, contact information, local map, and more.

Your GMB page can also be interactive. Like any other social page, uses can post feedback about your business and products, even post reviews.

Did you know:

  • 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews
  • 88% of online shoppers include reviews in their purchase decision
  • 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase

GMB provides a feature which you can engage with your customers for feedback; however, it has no mechanism to inform you of new customer posts. You need to monitor you GMB listing daily.


When users search for terms related to your business, your business could be displayed in a local search “pack” and/or even be featured in the Google Knowledge graph panel that appears for business’ on the right hand side of search result pages.

The three Google listings that appear beneath the map when someone searches for businesses in or around a particular location (e.g. ‘plumbers San Francisco’)..

The box containing business information that appears in the top-right hand corner of Google search results on desktop, and near the top on mobile, when someone performs a branded search for your business (i.e. when they search your business name).

Is it still important to have a website? 

Yes, it is, but it’s more important to have a listing in the google my business. Your customers need to know who and where you are at any given time. We use to look up a business with the Yellow Pages. Now we use our smartphone and Google for everything. To learn hours of operation, phone numbers, and addresses, to customer reviews.

How we can help with Google My Business

With Google My Business, we help all month long. We not only help set up GMB and Google Maps but we monitor posts, feedback from your customers.

  • Let me know your business name and description and I will ensure that GMB has your business listed using the correct category. I.e: Bakery vs. Wedding Bakery
  • Tell me your hours, website, phone number, and location (a street address, service area, or place marker, depending on your business)
  • Daily login to monitor your feedback and make sure that each post is responded to if needed.

Do you have new products, photos or videos to post?

Update product catalogs and images and post seasonal or trending special. You can push seasonal or a sale item. I’ll give one day per month of my technical skill for this. If you need more time, that can be arranged.