Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is much more than just entering keywords into your SEO package.  It can mean creating new pages, updating your graphics, sitting goals inside your Google Analytics, or editing the text of your current webpage is to ensure that Google sees them correctly.

Sometimes, all you need is a couple of hours to modify your SEO titles and meta descriptions so that there are little more descriptive when it comes to Google searches.  Here is an example of what Iā€™m referring to:

As you can see, the SEO title and the web page description provided no information. Most likely it will never be clicked on.

Here is a list of things I can help with, and do that. If you do not see something, let me know, I still may be able to help.

  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Goal Setup for Google Analytics
  • Any report noted in Benchmarking list
  • Install and setup of
    • Yoast SEO ā€“ plugin for WordPress
    • Rout66 ā€“ component for Joomla
  • XML Sitemap configuration and implementation
  • Long-tail Keyword Research and Implementation
  • Long-tail Keyword Research for future articles (Report)
  • Updating SEO Title and Meta Description
  • Article updates with long-tail keyword
  • Image and tag correction or modification